Mom brain. I don't even believe in.

In a way I never felt when the girls were babies, my brain is mush.  In fact, I don't even believe in baby brain or Mama Brain or whatever it is called....but wow my brain is a mess.  Please allow me to share my thoughts over the course of only a few minutes.

I need to put the plant starts out so that they adjust to the cooler weather.
Miriam is poopy I need to change her.
Oh gosh I need to vacuum.
I need to let go of the pressure to have a clean house.
Oh man a clean house makes me feel better.
When we go to target on Sunday we should get some cleaning products.
Our toilet needs cleaned.
Where is our Target list anyway?
I wonder if Miriam will nap in my office on Sunday?
I need to work on our childcare contract.
I'll do that on Tuesday.
Where will I pump on Tuesday when CCP is with the kiddos?
Maybe I'll take a nap.
I need some coffee right now.
The washer still isn't working.
I really gotta check my work email.
and reply to work email.
and add dates to my calendar.
Sooo that agenda for my meeting on Sunday.
Maybe I can wing it.
I've been winging it all year and that's why these meetings haven't gone that well.
Then a series of guilt shows up: food guilt, mess guilt, yelling at my kids guilt, leaving the dog outside too much guilt.

So that is a series of thoughts i have in about 1 minute.  It is no wonder I am struggling to recall words, or to remember the specifics of conversations.



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