ordinary wonderful.

This weekend contained such loveliness.

Buddy (my Mom) visited and met this little guy. (when I say little I mean little! He is only 10lbs and over 3 months old!)  She gave him several pep talks about getting a bit more fat.  He's working on it.

And this opinionated 3 year old celebrated her birth with cake, presents, and a pinata. There was a moment where she was running around the house saying, "I love it, I love it, I love it." I think she felt pretty special.

And Junia possessed such grown up skills, letting her sister be celebrated, and playing with Buddy. Then losing ANOTHER tooth.  

Gratitude for a job I love and meaningful work was on the rise today.  And, blessed be to the 4...ooops 5 of us.
(I think this is our first family photo!)


  1. You definitely need (Katie?) for a family photo!! :-)

    I love you, R!!


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