Just a check in.

I am on a softball team.  There I said it.  Yup, my fat self is playing a sport I have 't played since 6th grade or so.  My fielding skills are a bit lacking but my hitting is spot on!  Before every game I am terrified.  During the game I am also terrified.  But then after the game I am glad I did it.  It is also nice to do something physical and remember that I can do it.

Work is about to start up for the year.  I am dreading it with the same hand that I am excited for it.  No summer don't end and dear God please end summer.

There is a bunch of other mad discernment happening around here.  I don't feel free at all to blog about it.  Maybe change is in the air. Maybe not.  Maybe we can afford it. Maybe not.  Sorting out dreams in the context of partnerships and parenthood and salaries and real lived in limitations of life is hard.

There is a whole other blog post about how Ignatian discernment is not meant for families and how limiting that is. . .but alas another blog post.


  1. Woo hoo! Softball!!! I would be terrified too, but the "after feeling" must be sooo good! I never could hit a ball... or catch one... or throw one.

    I HAVE thought of pulling out my dance skates though... haven't skated in years, probably since Katie's Mary Magdalen skate nights oh so long ago.

    Good luck with all the discerning you are working through. "Good luck" sounds so dumb, but you know my sentiment is sincere. Much love!


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