Not much.

There is so much going on. And there is so little going on.

The bit that is going on I can't make public on this forum. Too many random people might read it.

Though I think I am a decent blogger this is the thing that stops me from being a superb blogger.  If I cannot write from an authentic place then I run out of things to say.   Or I can't find my focused theme to derive everything from.


Junia is desperate to start school. This girl is counting down the days.  She has been asking two times a day for 2 weeks "how many more days til school starts?" She is done with the free time and long stretches of play time.  

We are getting our final blast of summer here in the PNW.  We have finally had some hot stretches.  THey aren't so bad here on the Island. It is, after all, markedly cooler when you live 2 miles from a very chilly Puget Sound.    But Seattle and areas inland have been HOT.

My work starts full throttle soon. September is so crazy. So so crazy.  I turn into a full time employee again for a couple of weeks. I love my students but it is hard on the homefront!

Alas, the kids are napping. The dishwasher is humming.  I should toss in a load of laundry and put away the last of the things we got at costco.  

Be well readers. Be well.


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