The Noise of Summer

We were in the midwest a couple of times this summer.  Each time we travel there in the summer I remember just how loud the soundtrack of nature there is.

You would not believe how loud the crickets & cicadas are.  We would be in a small city or town and still the bugs are blaring away.  I grew up with the racket of loud bugs but I have forgotten them.

Here in the PNW summer is so quiet.  In fact, sometimes at night I can hear the deer walking around in our yard eating the leaves off the trees.  I can hear the hum of the ferry 2 miles away...

Today, though I was putzing around outside, a light shower started.  Ah, the noise of nature again.  Hearing the rain lay itself on the leaves and dry earth.  The noise jumped into me.  Soothed something in me.


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