April 3, 2017: Poetry Month: Justice

So much of this.

The world needs this.
So much.


There was a land, which I suppose
Where everyone had a crooked nose;

And the crooked nose that everyone had
In no manner did make him sad.

But in that land a man was born
Whose nose was more straigh and clean was worn;

And the men of that land with public hate
Killed the man whose nose was straight.


Signed Alexander Search
July 28, 1907

From: A book that Katie and Pete got us!

Pessoa, Fernando, eds: Ferrari, Patricio & Pizarro, Jeronimo No Matter What We Dream Tell A Story, Portugal. 10. I am not sure how to cite this- there is no year but the ISBN # is: 978-989-99008-1-3


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