Easter Round Up

Lent came.

             And went and now here we are with spring actually happening (though the temperature wouldn't indicate so).  The Easter Season is here for the next 50 days and then we drop into Pentacost.

I wish  I could say I am in an alleluia kind of space.
I'm not though. I am coping with some situational depression from being laid off (but still going to work) and in general I am sorting out some of my own "issues."

So what about Lent?

We gave up meat for most of Lent and did well we are actually planning to include vegetarian dishes more regularly in our diet..

On Saturdays from noon until Sundays at noon we also did a technology fast and intentional meal (where we at meat) That time was lovely and surprisingly hard some nights.Sean and I watch TV at night together and frankly I missed it.

The Triduum   (Holy Thursday, Good Fridy and Saturday Nigh VIgil) was lovely.  It will be my last one at the place I work, I will miss it.  I cried some during the rituals. I also let that be okay.  Junia was my buddy during Holy Thursday.  She wanted to have her feet washed.  Good Friday I heard the best homily/sermon of my life.  I was challenged/pushed/consoled/pushed again.  It was profound.  It was also preached by a woman of color who I respect and admire.  Holy Saturday, that weird space of theological quiet, was lovely and exhausting and then the final step of Triduum, Easter Vigil lasted late into the night.

I am still tired from it. In fact, since Sean was on call at the hospital on Sunday I basically just coped. I exhaustedly managed childcare (rented a movie) and dinner was low key.

Alas though, our celebration of Easter!  We let Junia decide to stay home from school so we could have some family Easter time.  We went to the park this morning.  we are roasting some lamb, hiding Easter eggs, and getting ready for our practice of the Easter Season!  As with any Holiday celebration with kids there was plenty of irritation and grumbling but still it felt like a holiday!

Today I went to the spa and spent 4 hours in hot tubs.

And so, we welcome Easter, slowly figuring out how to welcome this Broken and Risen God.


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