Sewing a pair of snow pants

Today is a cold blustery day in Seattle. Schools are closed, daycare is closed, and magically S and I don't have to work either. A surprise just before a holiday! Last night, I didn't know if I would have to go to work or not, but I knew that if I didn't I was going to make Junia some cold weather snow pants. After all, the girl has no tolerance sitting in the stroller with a blanket on her lap and her pants are so thin that putting her in the ergo baby carrier leaves her legs dangling and we can't figure out a blanket option for that.

This summer I figured out how to make pants by deconstructing a pair I didn't at this point I'm fairly capable of it, and my experience with making the coat guided me on how to create something that is lined. So I took pair of non-stretch pants, drew an outline of them an then added 3 inches to it and created a kind of pattern. I constructed the lining, insulation and the courderoy and Junia now has a pair if giant courderoy snow pants to match her coat. It probably took me a little less than 2 hours from start to finish.

They are large enough to go over whatever pants she is wearing and lined with 2 layers to keep her little legs warm.

I confess, I am really quite shocked and delighted that I can make such functional and needed pieces of clothing for her! And it's great to be making them for someone who isn't a fashionista...she has no criticism so I have a lot of freedom.


  1. How cute! We will need some pants like this in the coming months, and I'll come back to this post to see how to make them.

  2. Rachel,

    That is awesome! They look great!

  3. You are amazing! Can I have a pair? ;-)


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