Sewing fear.

I'm scared.

Not really trembly actually scared. Not the kind that matters deeply to one's person hood or being.

There really should be another word for this kind of fear.
Maybe it's called anxiety.

But here's the deal. I told you I bought those wonderful fabrics at Mood. I am glad that I did and am really enjoying looking at them. But, now I am running into the problem that I don't want try to make something and have it become a disaster. So ruining whatever I'm trying to make is the first source of anxiety.

The secondPart of the problem, is that there are a lot of crappty plus size clothes and patterns out there- often designed by people who don't understand what to highlight and what to lowlight Sometimes plus size dresses just don't look great on me. When they do it is great...when they don't too bad. But, sewing a dress for example means that I can't see anything on me until it is finished. THus another source of anxiety.

I could just go for several of skirts. The problem with that though is it really means they are going to be mostly for summer and in Seattle summer is short. I don't know, should I just be more brave and dive in? Should I take my time? Should I let them sit in my fabric piles until I am really truly ready? Should I wait until I have less emotional attachment? Should I go for a couple skits?

On a better note, I whipped together this (the picture) skirt for Junia on Tuesday while she was napping. It's a super simple skirt made from a 99Cent pillowcase from goodwill. Despite it being so simple, I can tell that my sewing skills are getting better. My construction was better than it would have been a year ago.


  1. Make a test dress out of less desirable fabric and then take the plunge once you know what to look out for?

  2. Ugh -- I empathize, Rachel. I've just learned how to really knit, and I would love to make myself a sweater, but I am really nervous about starting something and having it be too short, or having the arms too tight, or having it look just awful and dowdy. Good luck!

  3. Hi Rachel,

    I hear you on the fear of messing up your fabric and on the difficulty of sizing. I have had some disasters. This book has been a great help though with sizing.

    Take a look at it and see what you think. It shows you how to adjust patterns w/o making a muslin first. I have very few adjustments to make after this.

    Good luck!

  4. I second Liz' suggestion. You make a pattern out of muslin or something cheap but with similar properties to your nice fabric, see how it looks and adjust from there.

    I understand though. I have some pretty nice yarn, but I haven't delved into sweater making out of fear/anxiety that out of all that work (and costly yarn) will just come an ill-fitting mess!


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