Too much productivity.

You might now know this about me but I am deeply introverted. My energy is renewed when I am by myself. In fact, S has told me that he wishes that I would talk more. I can go hours and hours without speaking. I rarely desire more noise in my life. But today, I turned on the radio!

Why? Well read on...

This week the three of us head to the Midwest until Monday. S and J and I are all headed to my Mom's house first and then my siblings and niecews and in-laws are all meeting at a place called "Land Between the Lakes." I guess it's a national park and quite beautiful; we are looking forward to family and vacation time

One of the most exciting things is that it'll be warm there. In the 70's at least for a high each day. Since we have not even hit 70 yet we are looking forward to it. The only problem really is that J doesn't have very many warm weather clothes, oh and that I haven't used that fabric that I made to put together some fabulous summery skirts.

With these thoughts running through my mind it means that I started whipping things together and spent a lot of time , and mean a lot of time in front of the sewing machine this weekend. I am sewing in my sleep practically.

But today. At 3:00pm. I finished all my projects. 3 matching dresses for the granddaughters. 2 skirts for me. 2 other dresses for Junia and a cut little peasant shirt.

And now. Sabbath. Well, starting Wednesday!


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