Grown up bed!

No this post is not about our toddler in a new bed. She is a crib girl for as long as we can keep her in it!

When I was a teenager my best friend's mom baked to relieve stress (Hi Beth!). She made some darn good chocolate chip cookies. Perhaps my stress reliever is sewing. Stress can feel it it nice to focus energy into something and just go for it. I think that parenthood is generally stressful and outward. It's nice to have something in my life that is focused and inward.

Anyway, I told you that I made a duvet cover. We are liking it more and more! The sheet on the bottom is so soft and the top part that I made is lovely. I read online somewhere that bedskirts are easy enough. So know the end of the story. I took an old twin sheet chopped off a couple inches so it just covered the top of the bed (no fabric hanging over the edges. Then I took some fabric that had been gifted to me after I hemmed a friend's curtians (nice linen-looking canvasy stuff)and sewed it on. The corners are a little funky but all in all it looks way better. Bedskirts are so grown up. Seriously, it is the rare child,teenager, or young adult that bothers with a bed skirt!

And, what is the ultimate grown up bed accessory? For us it is probably an empty bottle of milk leftover from the morning snuggle...I think it is throw pillows?

We are lucky to make our bed and I think throw pillows on beds are kind of dumb if making your bed is all the hassle you can handle. So I wasn't going to make any, of course, but I decided to take some of our white pillowcases and put strips of the matching duvet fabric on the pillowcases. They are all different but coordinated.

So now, we officially have a grown up bed.

Our next dream: nightstands!


  1. Hey glad I got a shout out in your blog! I dont read them all but I try to catch up every once in a while. I am seriously impressed with all your crafty talents. Yep my mom still bakes and I have found that I really like to bake too!


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