Oh Evangelicals..

Evangelicals have the corner market when you google anythign about jesus.

I was looking into when Jesus was angry and found this href="http://www.gotquestions.org/Jesus-angry.html">blurb

It's not really that interesting honestly. Probably not worth even looking at but this is considered a "fact" about Jesus' anger.

"6) His anger had the proper result. Jesus’ anger had the inevitable consequence of godly action. Jesus’ anger, as with all His emotions, was held in check by the Word of God; thus, Jesus’ response was always to accomplish God’s will."

What the heck is godly action. I don't get it I don't know what that means. But really, the phrase that gets me is that Jesus' emotions were, "held in check by the word of God." It seems to me that Jesus lost it a couple of times. But moreover- the word of God for Jesus would have only been the Hebrew Bible! Jesus was Jewish. And Christian scriptures weren't even written yet. The implicit argument of this statement essentially debunks the New Testament.

I assume not the goal of the writer.

What "types" of extremism drive you nutz? Political? Religious? Gendered?


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