First foods from the garden!

How does a house managed to get so messy between 5:30am and 11am? I just don't get it.

And the picture of the eggs- from a farmers market in LA- OURS OPENS THIS WEEK!

And, by the way, when did the grass grow? If things aren't growing in the garden then the grass shouldn't be allowed to grow.

Camera. Where have you run off to.

So why I decided to sit and post? It's only May 1st and mostly our eating seasonally still has us with more Kale than we like. Nana and Pop left a thing of cherry tomatoes here and we've been enjoying them...but mostly they've made us excited for summer! So amid the dandelions and seedlings here is one thing we are enjoying from our garden! MINT! An invasive weed some call it...but if it's competing with the blackberries that's fine with me! We don't drink soda, not so much out of principle, it just isn't our thing. Anyway, we do drink a lot of soda water though. With ice and lime---and wait---here is comes---a splash of simple syrup (equal parts water/sugar- cooked and cooled) and mint leaves!

Delicious! Springy! And when we start growing sugar cane it'll be totally local! (perhaps beet sugar??)


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