No money+Magazines=better looking front door.

To be honest we have kind of an ugly house. Our yard is weeds and dirt courtesy of our friendly dog who loves to tromp all over the yard, and an overgrown tree/bush that throws shade on the whole thing. Besides that, our house is grey and our front door dirty white.

If we owned the place we might change it to a bright red door or something fun and bold. But for now we are stuck with a dirty looking, albeit very functional door.

In the meantime I've been trying to imagine ways to spruce up our front space without spending any money. The chairs on our front porch are ugly as sin but we have them and they are cheap (free). The flower pots aren't exciting, but again keeping what we have...

So this saturday, during J's naptime I got a broom and cleaned off the porch, potted some flowers and plants and went nuts. So nuts that I ripped out an old bush with my bare hands! For real! The yard and porch started looking much better. I love a good front door wreath though... so during Sunday's naptime I took a piece of carboard cut it into a ring and rolled up 40 or so pages from a magazine and glued them to the ring and made a wreath. A little cleaning and some colorful magazines go a long way. One person's trash in another person's front door decor!

So our yard doesn't look gorgeous but it's us and way better!


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