What did I get at Mood?

We are headed home and back to our little person today! What a great trip it has been. I like LA way more than I thought I would and it's been wonderful to get away and to be with Sean in an environment that did not involve stress, a child, lots of decisions etc. Just hanging out...together.

Liz, asked to see what i got at mood...Right- so I said that I went to mood and...so what did I get. Keep in mind that Mood is a fabric store for making clothing...they have leather, silk, silk organza, jersey, denim, cashmere, on and on and on.

I knew that I couldn't spend too much money and that I didn't want to buy really nice fabric only to botch it up while I failed to turn it into a dress... so this is how I ended up with Jersey Prints (t-shirt material with a print). So here are 4 Jersey fabrics for some dresses and skirts for Junia and I plus a 1/4 yard of silk for a tie for Sean.


  1. I love them! Are you making a tie for Sean? I am so impressed.


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