I know a lot about childbirth

It must be the nature of having had a tramautic birthing experience.
You move towards it and consume every possible bit of information about childbirth.
You avoid. Ignore and step away from the history and the pain from that experience.

Which one did I do?
Come on folks its me!

Midwife appointments.
The doula we hired.
Our hypnobirth friend and educator.
A random birth educator I hired as an intern today (not related to her birth stuff)
and even our OB.

They almost never say anything new or surprising.
Sometimes they do.
And often they remind me things to remember or that I find interesting.

So what do I know most about...random theology and random birth stuff.
In my head they aren't far apart actually.

Now. Lets see if I can learn more about childbirth in my body.
Tomorrow I have to go see an OB and set a scheduled C-section for 3 weeks from now.
I am dreading it. The idea of setting the date is fucked- like having a timeline is supposed to help a woman relax, open up, and welcome the new life.

Maybe I know too much of the shit of birthing. Not the other side of the coin.


  1. I hate that you have to set a date, that is terrible.

    Spicy food. Sex. Castor oil. Long walks. Raspberry leaf tea. Boil cinnamon sticks in water and drink it. Evening primrose. Pineapple.

    Good luck!!


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