Welcome Miriam Zita

Yesterday, and the days ahead, we welcome Miriam Zita to our clan!  Our birth experience was tremendously healing from our previous experience in terms of being treated well by all of our care providers and we had a sucessfully VBAC.  I am sure in the days ahead we will share with you all about her birth, her name, and whatever sort of personality that emerges!

Welcome Miriam Zita!
9lb. 5oz.
22inches tall
Born April 27, 2012
Long dark hair.

She's got her days and nights mixed up. Looks a lot like Junia but is no twin! And is welcome ever so warmly!


  1. Welcome sweet Miriam! You are so loved...even by people who haven't even met you. Rachel, I' so happy things went the way you hoped for VBAC! Wishing you much happiness from the East Coast!

  2. How beautiful - and what a big girl! I love the name, and I love that you got one blond one and one dark haired one - like you and Sean! Can't wait to meet her. xo

  3. I was hoping to find pictures here .... so glad I checked! Welcome home :)

  4. We are very excited for you all Congrats Congrats! Can't wait to come visit and meet Miss Miriam. Welcome to the world sweet little one.

  5. I am so, so, so filled with joy for all of you. I cannot wait to meet Miriam, and to see Junia as a big sister, and to encounter your new dynamic as a four-person family. So much love to all four of you -- you are each in my heart!!


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