Organized. Cleaner. Better Looking $26 credenza!

I know, I know it's Holy Saturday and you would think I would have something to say about this season. Something about the footwashing on Thursday (I called it the kankle washing for myself) or about Good Friday or about the liminal day of waiting that is Holy Saturday.

Sure. I could write about it, but I wouldn't be that inspired.  Rather, I want to write about a completed project that has been on my mind for months.

Okay. So several months ago we bought a dresser on craigslist big enough for both kids stuff. I painted it and here it is.

From this (with the drawers out already being primed)

To this:

But then we had Junia's old dresser to decide what to do with..  Junia's old dresser was...shall we say a bit clownish.  When we bought it in the winter of 2009 this is what it looked like:

2 shades of green
2 shades of pink handles.

Really ugly.

Then we painted it two shades of orange and if you look closely you can see it in the background....Still clownish- less offensive though.

Okay so then we have an old dresser- with drawers that don't open well but is perfectly functional albeit bright orange...So that means it won't fit in any other room in our house except the kid room. Unless we paint it.

So Junia and I undertook a mission.  To paint this beast so it could go in  another part of our house.  We took off the handles- filled the holes, primed it, and painted it black.  Leaving 1 end unpainted to put some felt so we could have a felt board for Junia to play at.

We replaced it with this perfectly acceptable credenza.  The problem with this credenza is that it has no storage and the drawers are laughably small...

So alas here it is.  Much cleaner.
 With lots of room for art supplies.  Even when they don't stay this organized.

And you can see the felt play station...we just don't have hardly any felt yet!
All in all I am quite thrilled with how this project turned out! 

Knobs- $18
Black paint- $5.00
Wood glue- $3.00

Sum total cost of this project: $26.
Pretty good I think.


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