8 years ago

How is it possible that 8 years have passed since my Dad died? 
How is it possible that it has only been 8 years?

I know a student whose father died last year and I had a dream last night that I hugged her and burst into tears.  Then I woke up knowing exactly what today was an anniversary of.

On September 19 in the first hours of the day we left the hospital after saying our goodbyes. Knowing that they would be our goodbyes.

What looked like sleep was not sleep.
We went to Denny's.
The Grand Slam breakfast took on a whole new meaning.

I had been to that Denny's plenty of times with him...

I refuse to end this post with platitudes.
Because, grief is hard and it is ceaseless.
8 years in it is subtle and suprising.
It is wiser and less physical.
But it is alive, and ironically sitting next to death.


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