We are in another missing camera slump.  But lets not focus on that.  What is very exciting is that we are unpacked!  The final box has been upacked.  What was in it you ask?

1 lamp
HS yearbook which my Mom and Sean were adamant that I don't throw away.
battery chargers
1 Doll cousin Olympics bronze metal
and a basket of art supplies.

The last two boxes I unpacked were the first two that I packed.
Is that unusual? I haven't moved enough in my life to know.

And how long does a three year old remember her old place?
I never moved anywhere until I went to college.
I'm not at all concerned about Junia I just wonder what is "normal."

When she gets really tired, especially when we are in Seattle she says, "I miss my old house."
I am not even sure she knows what that means anymore.

I am a bit shocked at ourselves for packing and unpacking a house in less than two months with two small kids.  More than shocked, I am proud of us! Sean and I have hardly been here on the weekends we have had the busiest weeks of our entire year and have been dealing with a 4 month old who isn't sleeping (courtesy of a tooth).  Well done us! And welcome home!


  1. You are amazing! Seriously, way to go.

    I just moved all my yearbooks from my mom's house to our house. I don't necessarily want to look at them again, but while I was at my mom's, I read through my grandparents' yearbooks from the 1930s, which was so fun! When I think about keeping stuff, I think about what Piper or her kids might want to look through, and I think yearbooks make the cut.

  2. Those Doll cousin medals made their appearance during my latest move. It has found a home in my box of photos from when the kids were smaller. Good memories attached to that medal!


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