The dreaded week is upon us...

We are now in the week I've been anticipating since maternity leave. I've been back full time for two weeks now but this is the week of zero flexibility in my work schedule. Arrive at precisely the right in meetings during the entirety of the day....and be in charge (with one other person) of all of the details...from set up to clean up and everything in between.

So when we moved 3.5 weeks ago this was the week that I was dreading.  The logistics of childcare (did I metion Sean's week is remarkably similar to mine), boat schedules, pumping, managing to sleep, and still love well my family has been the dreaded cloud on the horizon.

So now, halfway through we are making it. We are on the cusp of the fall.  And thus, we are on the cusp of settling into a routine.  Though it doesn't feel good yet- I am looking forward to it!

We are on our way...


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