1st birthday.

Yuck. Life feels like a swamp.  I haven't even been doing my dry commentary about parenting and partnership lately.  When those are the easy things life must be a swamp.  Today I decided that I will try to project what I need: mental wellness, confidence...things like that.

Amid the swampiness someone just turned 1.

Our wise little Miraim Zita turned one this past Saturday. In some ways it seems like a blink ago I was spending my days laying in bed hoping Junia would nap forever and wanting to just lay net to this new little face.  But it also seems like a lifetime ago that she was new and mysterious and we were living in our house in Columbia City.

Oh what a year.

So my beloved little MZ...
These words, the first ones you ever heard, are still my deepest wish for you.

 May you know 
The freedom and life of God when your are healthy
And the humility and need of God when you are in ill health.

May you know
The passionate, dynamic and even ordinary presence of God in your loving.
And the comfort of God in your heartache.

May you know
The delight of God’s creation as you grow and learn your own laughter, playfulness and creativity. And, find your passions in God’s creative zeal for you.

May you know
The joy and richness of God’s poverty and simplicity, and be trusting in God at the times when the world’s values push in on you.

May you know
God’s presence as woman, man, mother, father, laughter, sorrow and all the forms that God takes. And when your prayer ceases may a community hold you in faith.

May you know
That in whatever life holds for you- you are lovable and sacred and beautiful as you are.

Our child,

We as your parents will celebrate who you are.
Be with you as you grow.
Acknowledge our mistakes.
Celebrate you as a part of our family and traditions.

We will laugh and cry for you.
We will love you, as best we are able- all the days that we live.

Well done in this first year Miriam! Good luck for us all in the second!


  1. I can't believe she was ever so small as those first pictures! And congrats to you on the anniversary of giving birth to that sweet lil wonder. I hope to forever be amazed that we all get here through our mama's body.



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