Housing...vulnerable, crisis (no), just sorting with fear...

I haven't blogged a lot about our housing chaos because I'm trying to honor the humanity in the whole situation.  But here is a bit of what is going on...

Today, instead of hanging up a piece of decor for the girls room that had been pulled down- I packed it.  I just couldn't figure out how to hang it up without being a big deal and then I pondered that we'll only be living here another 3 months.

Where we are going to go we have no idea yet.  We have some hopes. Perhaps we will buy perhaps we will rent here. Those are our top two options.

But it is possible we will move back to Seattle. It is not unfathomable that we would pick it up and move to Wisconsin sometime in the next year or two.  Perhaps we will be spending a couple months camped out in someone's basement...

It's hard to imagine renting when our reference from our current landlord will be bad. But we have landlords before this one that will be tell future landlords we are decent people.  It just sucks. It sucks to be mistrusted,  treated badly, and emotionally played with by a landlord.  It also sucks to imagine packing up again when I have no vision for where it is we are packing to go...and even if you do it on the cheap moving isn't free.

We would really like to buy a house...for the right price...
But our finances have to all line up in the right ways... at the right times... and let's be honest, do finances ever line up in the right ways in this life?

So pray for us.
Or send your good mojo to us.

I'm reflecting a lot on people who are housing vulnerable...how stressful that is.
I'm also thinking about God's covenant with God's people.  The quiet of God's voice amid the loudness of stress...Trying to channel faith.


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