What ISN'T a big deal!? Consolation for new parents.

I love a good tragic parent story.  Seriously I appreciate some hilarious venting about kids.  Sometimes I think that it has a tendancy to scare the crap out of the non-parent crowd.  So I want to highlight ways that my kids are normal or even easy...to remind parents that the hilarious venting is the exception not the norm.

Here is a brief list of things that are not that big of a deal with my kids.

Teething.  It really hasn't been that bad here.  Maybe a little bit rough but not at all horrible. Miriam has at least 2 teeth plowing through right now and he hasn't slept that well. But for us, it isn't hell. It isn't horrible.

Eating.  There are like a trillion books about how to feed your kid. Our girls both eat what we eat and are managing, in fact, thriving.  Tonight Junia wash thrilled to have cucumbers with dinner.  Seriously our girls eat well and it's been not a big deal.  For us, eating, meals and diet just aren't a big deal.

Temper.  Sure My girls have their share of tantrums.  Some of them are bad. Really bad. But not that many.  Not more than a lot of kids.  For us, tantrums aren't usually a big deal.

So that is a start.  Not everything is a horrible awful thing. Don't live in fear of the trials that await. Because frankly, a lot of things you thought would be a trial won't. And things you thought wouldn't matter- do.


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