Poetry April 18: Onions by Lorna Crozier.

Here is a poem by Lorna Crozier. I know nothing about her except that I have this book of Canadian poetry and she has a couple poems in it that I really really like.    This book has 3 vegetable poems Cucumbers, Carrots and Onions.  They all have sexual tones. I deeply love all three.  Here is the least explicit...For the more explicit let me know and I'll share those too if you want!


The onion love the onion.
It hugs its many layers,
saying O, O, O,
each vowel smaller
than the last.

Some say it has now heart.
It doesn't need one
It surrounds itself,
feels whole. Primordial.
First among vegetables.

If Eve had bitten it
instead of the apple,
how different

-Lorna Crozier

Queyras, Sina editor, Open Field: 30 Contemporary Canadian Poets, (Persia Books, New York 2005) 84.


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