Children's Books for Liberal Christians 5

So this is the book that every feminist who is a Christian and a parent should own.  I love it! It is poetry to my soul, and I don't have to apologize for anything, or explain anything, change the language of anything. I love this book! And so does my girl!  Even the reviews on Amazon are either 5 or 1, you know when you are pissing conservative Christians off there is a particular point of view.  And that is this book!

Yup, this is it- Big Mama, Makes the World.

This is a retelling of the Creation myth from the first book of the bible- Genesis.  It goes through all the days, but God is a Mama with a baby on her hip creating earth, light, animals etc.

  • I like the language. It is she, she is a Mama, and the voice is playful- and sassy- even a bit badass.
  • The pictures are beautiful!
  • Reading it is pleasurable because their is a great rhythm. Just like Genesis each day ends with it's own praise of creation.  
  • She look white in some pictures and black in others.  In general it would be amazing for Big Mama to be a woman of Color- I fear that making her black would add a strange sort of "Mammy" complex to it- but playing with the race of this "Big Mama" would be cool. Would add a layer of complexity.

  • The mix of God and Mama is seamless.  She creates as a mama, out of the needs of a Mama but still has agency and opinion. I know, I know, in a book this small short it's surprising, but seriously it works!
  • I highly, highly highly recommend this if you are comfortable with dynamic images of God. If labels like feminist Christian or Jew are not crazy to you this might be up your alley.  


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