I don't want fall.autumn to arrive!

Summer is coming to an end.  I am not ready.  I think I have realized why people live in Southern California; I could do this weather forever.  Thankfully we have another week for it.

I am having a hard time getting excited about another fall.winter.spring.
I am just not ready for darkness, grayness, and evenings by the fire. I am not excited by pumpkin beer, season, bread or anything.  I dread having a constantly wet dog, figuring out a non-humid place to paint our tirm, and the general dreariness.  Apples are not better than berries. Thanksgiving is not better than long summer weekends, Sean's birthday is not better than mine... I love my sandals. I don't mind stinky feet, I want to have outside meals all the time.

So there it is folks.
I am not excited about fall at all, I love this house and space in the  summer.  I love the warmth, the freedom of my work schedule, the girls' freedom to go in and out of the house constantly.

So, how do you cope when a season of your life is on its way- and you can't do anything to stop it?


  1. I tried to submit a comment but I think my old, weak computer may have failed to tell the internet when I was done with it. It was a long ass run on sentence that I can't duplicate so I'll try to tell you the gist of it in person tomorrow.

    We can switch homes for November, if you want... I'll even keep Maggs & her damp fur. :)

    And your home is so very welcoming and comfortable. I did have anxiety about going on Saturday and I was able to talk myself down just by remembering that it's *your* home. I knew I didn't have to be flaw/worry/fear free to be welcomed in your home, that you and Sean operate in the real. I plan to invite myself for overnights periodically, just so you know. (This is more in relation to your post about Vashon but I'm too lazy to c&p.)



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