Updates from a growing family

  • Miriam seems to now have all her teeth except 2 year old molars.  Seriously our kids are crazy teethers, and it's good to be mostly done with that.
  • Junia has not started preschool, it's next week. Hence a lack of photos and such.
  • I like pintrest. I hate pintrest.  Does anyone else have this kind of relationship with this website.
  • We are going to have to repaint our bedroom I think. The yellow is not doing it for me.  At least not in this shade.
  • We are having a housewarming- The theme is comfort foods.  Except the theme should be, "two introverts host a party and...." you finish the sentence!
  • Junia and I had a major fight on Sunday- and it ended beautifully and with a lot of grace. It was amazing.  I should write all about it.  
  • This seems to be the year of me "working on my shit." Which is awesome because it's an opportunity for tremendous growth. And, it sucks because it is hard work.  Oh vey!
  • We started with our new Childcare provider. She seems to be having a good week. The girls seem to be having a good week.  But there is a lot of sadness and loss with having Michelle be done. We love her.  She loves our girls so much. They love her.  So of course there is some loss there.
  • Work is fun this week, and really really hard.  I am seeing how my work impacts my ability to listen to others.  It's powerful!
  • So that's it.  We are doing well.  Things, in general are pretty even keel.  That's why Sean and I are only fighting about unimportant things right now.
  • It's good. It really is.


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