Mushy brain . . .random bits.

I'm having trouble figuring out where to start.  My brain is mushy and the words I offer are seeming mushy as well.

I would write about our housewarming last Saturday. How the lead-up was frustrating and hard and how the actual event was wonderful and we were so honored that so many people came and say "yes" to friendship with us.  It is such a powerful gift, this friendship thing.

I could dissect the stress of my work.  It's not really "stressfull" but this week was training for 14 staff people and was lead by me and another colleague.  A lot of being on, speaking, organizing, moving the group  from one thing to another.  I simply feel empty of my energy for others.

I know there is a whole other post about motherhood and work because Thursday I cried at how much I haven't been at home and how hard that is, and then I came to my senses and remembered that parenthood is not about just me. It is about Sean, and our childcare provider, and Sharon and Alison, and all the people that my children see and love and are cared by.  My sadness about not seeing them is not theirs, it is mine.

I could continue my lament that summer is over but I seriously cannot handle the sadness. I am just letting it happen to me.  I can't enter into those facts.

Or finally, I could update you all on the status of our house, phones, garden, trim, laundry, relationship or whatever. But, as I said my brain is mush right now.  So this, after all, is all you get.


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