6 things in the hopper.

By the time Monday arrived this week I had already had more meaningful conversations, reflections, discussions and spoken more words than I usually do in a whole week.  Which means that as a minister I was done for!  It is now wednesday and I cannot believe that the week isn't over.

Except for me, the work week is. I went in for our staff meeting and am now hear cleaning and chilling and care taking until my Mom arrives late tonight!

I have a lot of thought in my head but I don't have enough reflection energy for full on blog posts. So here are a few.

1. I want to write about Mr. Z and the firing of Gay school teachers in Catholic schools.
2. I am thinking about Attachment marriages- how I am probably better at that than attachment parenting.
3. I am thinking about what really needs to be cleaned before my Mom arrives and behind that I am thinking about how the car needs cleaned out and carseats need re-arranged and sheets need to go on beds and mattresses need moved and laundry should get done and stuff like that.
4. Our childcare provider is great, seriously when childcare is good all feels right in the world.
5. I have been having headaches all week, the weather is foggy (or sunny) are they related?
6. My fantasy life mostly includes gardening things right now!

Okay. So there it is a post about all the posts I would like to write and the posts I am probably not going to write for awhile.


  1. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Mr. Z.
    Have a wonderful time with your mom.
    Don't sweat the small stuff.
    You are wonderful.


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