Christmas round up...doldrums.

I'm awake.  It's 12:47am and the week I have been having does not make me think that less sleep has any chance of improving it.

I've got the "back to work doldrums."  I've got them bad. I am feeling tired, overwhelmed and in general I am having a hard time sorting out the details of my life.  I had enough time off over Christmas to really relish family time, so going back to work is hard.

Christmas was oh so lovely!  We had most of the time to ourselves, and opened presents little by little so that by the time New Years came around we still had a few little things to open.  Each time we opened something we really opened and played with it.  We sat with the girls and enjoyed them and their new discoveries together.  Christmas felt like a season when Sean and I just sat with them in their really was great.

We spent some time in Portland with Sean's family and in general we laid low and were together.  The life of families have so many seasons and the season of young children and holidays is really a lovely one!  When lament their children's growing up I think it's things like Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays that they miss....I hope that when our children grow up we can figure out how to let holidays evolve as our family needs to, but for now I am enjoying the weather in this season.

So there it is, that's why I am kinda down. It's winter here, not frigid like everywhere else in this country, but damp and chilly and dark.  I'm going to need to find a way out of this... wish me luck.


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