Garden dreamin' 2014

While everyone else in this country is freezing their tails off everyone who is West of the Cascades/Sierra Nevadas is doing alright (Alaska and Hawaii too!).

So luck us today we pruned the apple trees, pulled roots from the garden, sent a package, priced out lumber for raised beds and went a bit nuts on my family.  Proabably the issue that need the most reflection is about why my peeps are driving me crazy. I suspect it has more to do with me than with them and about expectation and such.  But anyway, the stuff of my fantasy life is mostly about gardening these days.

So let me share with you the fantasy!

The green outline is the garden.  It is 750 square feet but parts are very wet, uneven and parts of it still have a lot of roots that need pulled.

Here's what needs done soonest...but they aren't exactly in order.

  • Ordering fencing and install - 
  • Keep hacking down the brush that is next to the garden but will eventually become lawn (the brush has to come down to allow maximal sun!
  • Having the brush man come and chip all the brush
  • Order seeds and start them under a grow light.

By April I hope to get at least one raised bed (the orange are raised beds) built. I don't know if we can afford more than one this year because the front end of fencing and chipping brush is costing us.  

If you look at the diagram you'll also notice that there are not things like carrots, potatoes, onions, etc. We don't have a goal to become self sufficient and are actually happy to let other people grow some of those things for us. We want to raise things that taste the best when they are home grown- we have never noticed a difference in the quality of those things when we raise them.

So that's what's up 


  1. I love your plans. We bought old door frames to use for our raised bed frames. Check for lead paint though! I can't remember if we did.


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