What to do on MLK Day?

I wish I could say that today, for Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Day that we took our kids to a rally or that we did a day of service.  Then I could say that and feel righteous and better than everyone else, and in my best self I would feel like a better person.    But today we took our white privileged selves and  went swimming as a family and then enjoyed a lovely Indian buffet.  Miriam had the longest meltdown of her life because we turned off the shower at the pool.  Both kiddos fell asleep on the way back to the ferry.

I feel bad for not doing something honorific with my day.  I didn't do anything to better the world or to honor the challenges, struggles and simple difference of experience that people of color encounter in my community, country and world.  I don't usually do anything for Veteran's Day or President's Day or Labor Day...but MLK Day seems different.

I bet most of you didn't do anything different with your day either.  On one hand that is great! After all, deconstructing the way that we are racist, priveleged, with-holding curiosity, etc. is not about one day's worth of work  it's about a lifetime of listening, attempting openness, confessing, and trying again and again to not be a crappy person (even when systems make us that way).

But here is my question.  The above might be true, but how do you honor days that are about systematic change? How do you honor lives and the work of individuals when they point to larger systematic movements and struggles?

I don't know the answer to that...yet.  Tonight though, on work time,  I am going to celebrate the work/life of MLK Jr. expressed through art. Maybe that is a start.  And yes, I continue my confession from last year.  I am a racist. . . 


  1. I DID do a good deed today though. Does that count?

  2. Of course it counts---it all "counts" ...:)


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