"I have come so far..."

I have spent the last couple of weeks reading these two books:

One Summer: America 1927 by Bill Bryson.

Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

I am kind of in love with everything Bill Bryson writes.  Sometimes he is funny but all the time I find him interesting.

And Barbara Kingsolver...we ll let me tell you a secret confession of mine.  As a child I was a reader. I have always always always been a reader.  When I was in 6th grade I was reading 600 page adult books. But when I went to college and enrolled in my first english class we were assigned to read Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver.  Despite loving to read I never read it.  Because even though I loved to read, I came from a high school and a learning environment that said to me studying is lame.  So I didn't study.  I did not do well in the class.

It wasn't until I actually had professors who thought highly of me (as a person) that I decided to act like the person they thought I was- which was someone who studied.  When  I studied I liked it.

In fact, when I went to college I was so clueless about school and education that I threw the syllabuses away after the first day.  Seriously. I had no use for them. I thought that teachers would tell me what my homework was after each class-like high school.  Yup, that one bit me in the ass.

So what am I saying...nothing much really. Except that their are these times when we look at our life and think, "I have come so far." And it is amazing. I have.

Yesterday someone was awed by the  fact that I live so far away from the rest of my family.  And I said that I am the only family member who lives West of the Rocky Mountians.  And funny, with the exception of 3 families I am the only one who lives West of the Mississippi (is that really true!!).  If someone who had known me at 16 might have projected my life I don't know what they would have thought?

I suspect I was unexceptional...
Though restless for sure...

So I'm not going to wrap this up, in a bow. This post has almost nothing to do with the books I'm reading.  But you should read them. . . and keep on going far."


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