June gloom.

I am quiet on the blog front these days.  There is a phrase here called "June Gloom."  It's not actually gloomy but a lot of days are still quite cool and cloudy.  A lot of people who live around here LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I mean you get a couple of sunny days a week and a couple of cloudy cool days.

Me, though, I just want sunny and warm.  I want summer.  May and June are hardest for those of use who are not from the PNW. I reiterate that.  Watching everything else start baking in the summer sun in the rest of the country makes me want the same. But seriously. I should stop whining.  I'm especially whiny because I am cold at this very moment and have felt cold a lot lately. (again wah!)

Sunny, hot, humid and nearly unbearable heat awaits us.  We have travels to the Middle-West planned and climate-y folks around here say it's supposed to be hot.  I'm not putting money down on these forecasts.  I am just trying to enjoy more time off.  The couple of plans we have and...whatever happens.


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