The garden is growing it's a beautiful sight!

Despite the past week's contrary evidence it has actually been a warm and sunny spring here in the PNW! This is good news for our gardening ventures....

Things are growing nicely, and despite getting everything in the ground later than I would have liked we FINALLY ate something from the garden yesterday...Junia, Miriam and I found some pods on our snow pea vines.  Phew.

So what am I learning this spring.

1. I need to stop trying to grow things from seed. It just doesn't work well for me.  With the exception of reliable things like squash, beans, corn etc. I am an utter failure at seed tomatoes, broccoli, and frankly even my lettuce has done poorly.  It is worth the money for me to just buy plant starts.

 The tomatoes in the filing cabinets are working awesome!! The Cabinets keep the soil very warm and the tomatoes are thriving!  I am excited to see if we actually get tomatoes to eat this summer. Where tomatoes are a summer staple for much of the country- they are a gift from the God's in these parts!

The green beans are up and going.  I saw yesterday the first tendril was sent out on one of the plants yesterday.  That's good news! I can't wait until they climb up these poles and the girls can go under them and pick the beans!

I am container growing potatoes.  I have no idea how they will end up turning out, but I confess I am really excited.  One container we planted on St. Patrick's day and the other one probably not until May- but both containers of potatoes are doing really well!

WE have already started watering! But we actually don't yet have a hose that reaches down to the garden. So alas the girls and I are filling up 5 gallon buckets from the pond next to the garden and watering by hand.  I know that it sounds burdensome but I like saving water where we can and it lets the girls do it with me cup by cup!

On other notes, something has eaten the tops off of my strawberry plants...the squash leaves are struggling to make it as something else is eating those up. The asparagus are up and getting bushy.  Sean bought some on sale eggplant starts the other day and even though I don't like eggplant/and it is usually not hot enough her to grow eggplant I figured "what the hell?!" so we will see what comes of those!?!

So that's the news from our garden. Hopefully the sun will come out soon and things will shoot up in size!


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