Sewing chaos.

I'm not in an especially creative space lately.  But I am trying to get some stuff done.  We randomly had 2 of the same dress in the same size so I thought I would turn one of them into a pair of shorts and a pair of leggings.  -Hence sewing.

 Once I open up 1 sewing project it seems like all the other half completed projects on my sewing table want to be completed.  Junia usually comes in an begs for me to make her something.  And before I know it my pants are covered in thread, our guestroom is a total mess, and I am yelling, "FUC%" to the sewing machine.

Here is the state of the scrap basket.  Yup, I was digging through it for some fabric, then Junia did the same thing. Low and behold most of the guestroom is now covered in small bits of fabric.

And here is a half completed project that is likely to remain half completed.  If you had a baby in the past year I probably started a blanket for your little one.  It is probably not going to be finished before your kiddo turns 16.  Sorry about that.


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