If our kids had a meeting to discuss sleep.

I think the kids all got together and had a meeting without us.  It went something like this.

Thomas (1 year old), "So I think they are almost at wits end with me not sleeping. I got yelled at the other night at three in the morning."

Junia (6), "I've been doing okay, but I sense a cold coming on. I might turn it into one of these colds where I also can't sleep."

Miriam (3), "OOO Junia, I love it.  What if you turn it into a weepy kind of sickness so that I have an excuse to be woken up and follow you around the house at 3 in the morning.  I'm thinking, for drama, I might cry too."

Thomas, "Wait, wait, you guys have a great thing going and all. I'm happy to do a couple of stints of sleeping through the night but I am NOT sleeping in then.  6:30 sharp you better be up and ready to play.  I need a report."

Miriam, "Whatever happens I need in on it. I am a middle child and will not be ignored.  My plan is whatever happens I will be contrary.

Junia, "Great. That sounds like a plan.  Give the parents a break from Thomas.  Demand the parents are up in the night dealing with Miriam and I."

Miriam, "Grumpy tired and sick kiddos all set!"

Thomas, "I think I'm going to cut another tooth this week to. So we are going to have to talk about if we are going to push them over the edge so they fight with each other or if somebody is going to draw back."

-Sounds like an agenda for the next meeting.


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