The Sunday before.

I have been off of my professional work for almost two weeks. It has been lovely.  Seriously Lovely. Our pace has been slow. Our task list light. All of it easy (okay not all of it, but much of it).  Sean too has been off for much of the past two weeks . We have played a lot of games. Watched a lot of movies. Enjoyed the heck out of Thomas, Miriam and Junia.  All in all it has been a great Christmas.

And now I am on the cusp of another quarter, another work week, another (not so lovely) task list.  I feel the welling anxiety of being on the verge of a very very busy winter.  I feel the dread of facing all the things that have been floating around in my mind as these things move into the more tangible reaches of my consciousness.

 Here we go. Here we go.


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