New York. A few Photos.

Sean and I were in New York last weekend.  It was a work trip for him, a getaway for me.   We went on a lot of subways. Ate cheap pizza, went out for one classy meal, we tried our hand at the 21 tickets given away for each Hamilton show, we saw another show when we didn't get into Hamilton. We enjoyed the heck out of ourselves...

 Subway shot. Because...
Another subway shot...because.

I love the paradox of a store that sells spandex right next to the fire station!

We went to mood. It was lovely. And better than the LA store.

Times square.  I hate times square.

Waiting in line for the Hamilton Ticket raffle.

The Lebovich Chasidic Community- men at prayer.


  1. Mood! How fun. I'd love to see that. Great that you could get away together and have a wonderful time!


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