A glass of Whine.

Oh my God I am sick again.  Seriously I am pleading, "God, help me I am sick again."

I don't need any aroma therapy or herbal junk. I need to not spend my time with 3 children or 4,000 college students.  The odds of me getting sick are high and last year I wasn't sick at all.  Seriously though.  I fantasize about working out again but instead I just make brownies.  Someday I am going to shower again regularly on my days off instead of just lay in bed.   Someday I am going to be able to engage my children instead of parking them in front of the tv so I can zone out and blow my nose.

Uggg. I just freaking got healthy too. For 6 whole days.

As if Donald fucking Trump isn't making this the worst year in awhile I have spend 95% of it being sick.  Oh man the poor folks who are perpetually ill with immune system problems or who are on their way to more serious illness.

So yes, this is me whining. Whining my little head off.

WE are having a cold front right now, except that our woodstove is out of commission.  The glass on the door broke so we aren't able to have fires.  Woe is me.

I have some serious anxiety about work right now.  They are making very deep budget cuts and I have a very serious fear that my head is on the line. We have a lot of international students too so....Donald Trump is a shitty president and might be a reason I get laid off...so much for American jobs....

There is more to bitch about. So much more.  I know that things are worse for other people and I don't have any doubt of that. If those people walked into my life I would have lots of compasison for them.  But right now it's just me- a toddler who won't stop climbing on me, a four year old who acts like an ass hole everytime the TV gets turned off, and a 7 year old who I just realized hasn't had anything to eat since 11:30 or so.

It's a friday in winter.


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