Stupid Valentine's day.

Yesterday was Valentine's day.  I am about to get on my soapbox so if you don't want to hear it you had better vacate the space.

One upon a time Valentine's Day was a Christian feast.  Look at the article here.  Over time this feast has been taken over by Hallmark.  I don't care that it is a Hallmark celebration. After all we live in what was once a Christian empire. Capitalism and Christianity go hand in hand.  What I cannot stand is that my kids "public" schools celebrate these stupid capitalist holidays that are Christian in their root.

Valentine's Day as celebrated in schools is neither religious, cultural or educational.  It is an exercise in chaos.

They do the same thing for Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, and a handful of other stuff.  Either teach the cultural meaning behind this day or please please please just drop it altogether.

I cannot stand meaninglessness.


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