To California and Back again.

We are back from our 1900 mile trek from Vashon Island to the Bay Area and back.  When we consider we had 3 kids in tow I gotta admit we did really well.

I am not so good at summary blog posts that round off all of the details of a trip but I can offer some thoughts and intersperse them with pictures: Highlights and lowlights

Day 1 Thomas screamed for a lot of the driving and ended up throwing up all over his carseat.  It was bad. We were driving on a 101 in Northern California without a stop in sight.  When we finally got to our motel I tossed him and the carseat in the bath.  I also realized that the carseat strap had been rubbed thin and wasn't safe.  Alas, Thomas got a new carseat.

We met our dear friends in Inverness, CA they rented a house we stayed in another house.  It was so good to see them and their little ones.  Your kids befriending your friends kids is awesome.

I am so charmed by the California coast. I love all the cows that graze alone the hills and on the tops of the cliffs.  I am certain my Dad would have liked California for this.  I also love the mix of cliff, beach, sea...

For most of our drive down it poured.  Many parts of coastal California had been undergoing a significant rainfall.  It meant that the Bay was mucky and brown and also that the beach was full of bubbles.  It ended up being a lot of fun for the kiddos.

Thank God for screens.  Our kids did okay with lots of other ways of being in the car but screens are so helpful.  Also Netflix downloads: freaking amazing.
We made the trek into Berkeley one day to see Aunt Katie and Uncle Pete. The treated us to a trip to the park, pizza and some ice cream!

Overall and mud.  What else does a kid need.

I have a sneaking suspicion this will be my favorite picture of these 2 this year.

Look closely and you can see this Douglas Fir is covered in tiny holes.  Woodpeckers are storing acorns in these holes to save for a hungry day!

Our 3rd night (1st was in Portland, second in Crescent City) was in Fr. Bragg, CA.  It had rained almost all day so we were delighted with a dry sunset walk.

We are tiny compared to the redwoods.  In both size and age.

We had a great vacation.  Work felt far away. Our time felt vast.  We didn't count days.
Though let me confess my own introverted self needs a break from my sweet loves.


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