An introvert and a parent.

I have been with my kiddos and spouse for 10 days.  It has been 10 days without work. 10 days of togetherness  It sounds like a dream doesn't it?  Uninterrupted family time...   Let me be honest though, it feels more like:

I have been with my spouse and my kiddos for 10 days without a break.  They all like noise.  The noise of kids. The noise of music. The noise of happy jabber the noise of senseless whining.   This is how I really feel.

Yes it has been good.
Yes it was a great vacation.
Yes all sunshine and bunnies.

Except this introvert is losing her mind.  Could everyone please shut up for 5 hours?  Could everyone do something productive and leave me alone? If anyone asks me a dumb question right now I am going to kick them in the face.

We had a good trip and honestly I don't want to go back to work tomorrow (well tonight actually).
But I'm happy to have some alone time.


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