Poems for St. Valentines Day

Today is St. Valentine's day. It is not really a special day in our house.  Sean's birthday is on the 16th so if we celebrate anything it is that. I don't hate the concept of Valentine's day though.  I have had few romantic heartbreaks in my life, and I believe in power of romantic love.

From our early dating days Sean and I have offered words to each other through poetry.   And though I didn't go seeking poetry today my facebook feed offered a couple of bits of wisdom I want to share here.  The first one I have here is striking because I feel very much that we did not go out into the world choosing each other but were chosen for each other by an invisible force...

Not Anyone Who Says
Not anyone who says, "I'm going to be
careful and smart in the matters of love,"
who says, "I'm going to choose slowly,"
but only those lovers who didn't choose at all
but were, as it were, chosen
by something invisible
and powerful and uncontrollable
and beautiful and possibly even
only those know what I'm talking about
in this talking about love.

And this next one is all about the delightful dreams of idealistic lovers. Oh how we fantasize about the life we will have only to discover the live we do have is a different dream than we thought.

Hence the New Yorker putting together this list of Valentine's poems for married people. It is from last year. But it is oh so good...

When we have children,
They will watch no television.
No screens.
We will be different from those other parents,
And we will take pride in our being better.
Fast-forward seven years,
And it’s Sunday morning,
6 a.m.
Do you know who our friend is?
SpongeBob SquarePants, that’s who.
And, yes, you can have Mentos for breakfast.
~ John Kenney  here is the link.


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