So now that I am starting to regain some energy I am finding my creative energy is coming back too. I think after moving in in August and then doing all the wedding stuff my creative energy had waned in the fall. I simply ran out of vision for a bit.

But alas, when big things happen I start thinking creatively. . .and I am trying to mix creativity with thriftyness. So here's the project on my mind.

From what I have been reading baby changing tables are generally overrated. Apparently a dresser with a changing pad (the kind that attaches to a dresser) is more than adequate. So my goals is to find a dresser on freecycle or on craigslist and then spruce it up a bit. . . I am on the hunt.


  1. I like the one with the towel bar (very creative!) and the one with the cat picture.

  2. I say the wider the for a basket of cream/powder etc., plus a baby wipe warmer. A little silly I know but baby's tend to wake up and cry when you hit their butts with a cold wipe. I may know where you can get a used one for free here in a couple months.

  3. Do you think it will be hard to find a dresser? At the shelter we get a lot of donations of furniture and get beds, washers, dryers, couches, kitchen tables, etc. but dressers are always so hard to come by. Just wanted to warn you that you might have to actually buy one . . . but don't buy a changing table. You are right that they are a total waste of money :)


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