Ordinary Extraordinary

I love how life is unsophisticated in blending the ordinary and extraordinary. It seems like we go to great measures to keep them separated. There are ordinary days and extraordinary ones: Mondays or Holidays, birthdays etc. There are ordinary dishes and extraordinary china. There are ordinary baths and extraordinary baptisms. On and on. This demarcation is helpful at times but just untrue at others. Right now life is chock full of ordinary- dirty diapers, past due bills, dog hair all over the stairs, but it is all mixed with the extraordinary reality of having a new baby with extraordinary first moments every day.

And so Junia must be blended into the great ordinary of our lives. Here are some photos of her blending into that ordinary.

I We went to a Mariners game in September. It was a bit of a disaster. Formula covered baby, an hour in the family bathroom, and chugging a beer all contributed. On a better note, she slept better that night than any other night in her life- 5 hours in a row.
She's becoming something of a chef. She's also becoming something of a wiggler. Her chair is pretty much only on the floor these days.
We are able to catch up on our reading. It's a book about San Francisco after all, and Sean loves travel books.

We are also able to stay on top of our bills. It seems even Junia doesn't like paying bills.Laundry is the task that never stops. Down with the dirty and up with the clean. What's an extra 10 pounds.

Grocery shopping had to be done early on. This is one of her first outings. Mmmm. Bacon and english muffins.


  1. YAY Pictures!!! I love seeing pictures of you all.

    Also sage wisdom from Little House on the Prairie: "Special dishes are not for special occasions but for special people." Break out your "special dishes" every night ;)

  2. I understand the challenge of bringing baby into the 'ordinary' tasks of life...but for us, somehow, he's made the ordinary extraordinary in many good ways. For example--Is Junia laughing yet? I swear when you hear it...it's the best sound in the world (and yet something so ordinary in our own lives). Dinner is entertaining too (who knew a spoon could be so cool?)


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