2 Five Dollar deals in Seattle!

Here are 2 things that give me joy in Seattle.

Sean and I have discovered an amazing sandwich, that if you have access to Vietnamese fare, you must try! They are called Bahn Mi- they are sandwiches on baguette with diakon radish, cucumber, carrot, jalapenos, cilantro, a little bit of mayo and either chicken, pork or tofu. They are wonderful and joyfully Seattle is teeming with restaurants that sell these amazing sandwiches. They are deliciously cheap as well. 2 large sandwiches for $5.00 is average. Basically I am all over it! I am having at least one a week these days. A million times better than subway and cheaper too!

Here is a link about these amazing


You know what else you can get in Seattle for $5.00 that is amazingly cheap and wonderful? Flowers at farmers markets! Grown in the skagit valley in the foothills of the cascade mountains the farmers come to farmers markets and sell amazing bouquets of flowers. Now, we don't get them every time we go. In fact, we get them really very infrequently. But once every 6 or 8 weeks we'll splurge! Here is a splurge from October. We were mourning that it was the last farmers market in our neighborhood until April.


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