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So I've now been around a fair amount of people who have young children and by watching others parent, listening for and reflecting on my response to others I'm figuring out what my parenting style might be. I think it might be called, "believe whatever book, wives tale, or advice that makes you less afraid and doesn't make you feel guilty." It seems like so many people are running around being afraid because their kid hasn't pooped or because their baby can't sleep in a crib yet or because they aren't sleeping through the night. It seems like the worries go on and on. It also seems like lots of the parents I meet are controlled by these fears.

I, of course have begun to encounter parental guilt over various things so it seems like the more we can avoid excess guilt and excess fear is a good thing. So these are the things I am NOT feeling bad about-though I admit it could change.

  • When she doesn't poop I don't worry.
  • However she will sleep is fine as long as Sean and I are fine with it too.
  • I eat and drink what I want including spicy food and alcohol
  • If grown up people can't handle women breastfeeding that is their issue not mine.
  • I will respond to her cries. I won't let her cry it out. Not my style and its too painful for me.
  • Formula might not be best but it isn't bad either.
  • Its my body. Sometimes she gets a bottle because I want my body back.
I think this list could go on for awhile but this is a good start.


  1. Good for you for finding a sane parenting style! I'm with you-- follow your instinct and keep yourself happy and healthy.

  2. But have you had some Left Hand Milk Stout yet? I've mad a perfect clone of it at home!


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