The Sleep Issue

I think it is the most talked about topic among new parents. Everyone, their mother, grandmother, and dog have an opinion about it One could easily create a library of books on the topic. SLEEP! The people who I want to whine about not sleeping to are good about letting me share what I need to share...but the rest of the world keeps asking "are you sleeping yet?"

At 16 weeks Junia has yet to sleep through the night. I'm not too bothered by that except that sleeping through the night means sleeping just 5 hours in a row. With the exception of a couple of nights here and there point Junia is still waking up every 2 or 3 hours in the night. A long stretch is 3.5 hours. I'm getting more and more sick of it each night it's hard, living on sleep deprivation is a bit brutal.

It's funny too. All those people who ask about how we are sleeping tell us where we should be sleeping. Co sleeping, in our room in a crib in her room...people tell us she should learn to self soothe, she will learn to self soothe when she's older on and on. People encourage us to breastfeed so supply doesn't go down, but rice cereal in her bottle, offer her formula, let her cry it out, on and on.

So we are getting by on little sleep and it's getting more and more brutal with each passing night. But someday she will sleep through the night. I look forward to the day...What we do between now and then is still being decided.


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